E-Plex News: Release of Version ‘C’ 400 & 450 ECM clock modules

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posted on: June 6, 2018 in: New Product

We have just released the updated version of this key system control module. The changes are in form and functionality but it maintains the same panel cutout. This improved version now has a new power management system which includes:

  • Better line voltage regulation for stable performance, irrespective of supply voltage
  • Improved short circuit detection and indication
  • Improved current handling with better thermal management
  • Self-recovery algorithms when faults are removed, with better user feedback
  • Improved protection against external power supplies being present on the network cable

The changes in form are centred on the rear case, this has been changed to incorporate:

  • A new power control board
  • Removable 3 pole power connector (maintain the A and B power supplies)
  • 4 x EP3 connector for easier cabling, and less risk of accidental disconnection
  • An isolated integrated USB port

This version is fully backward compatible with previous versions and provides full support for legacy modules and system designs. There will be available connector adaptor sets for the retro fitting of this item where required. Slightly more depth behind the panel is required, when compared to rev A or B version of the 400/450 ECM.

Features and Benefits of the New Clock


  • Updated E-plex line voltage regulation provides a fixed line voltage independent of supply variances.

This provides a more stable and predictable communications connection, especially on longer cable runs.

  • Updated short circuit control and indication.

This provides a fast response on the E-Plex circuit to shut down the power control to protect the network and it is reported on the clock display.

  • Updated current limiting, with self-recovery and message display.

Over current conditions are monitored and reported on the clock display, it has the ability to self-start the network power automatically if the loading is removed.

  • E-Plex pulled high protection, with fault display.

This provides protection against an external supply being present on the network cable and damaging the clock module.

  • Built in isolated USB interface implementing a virtual serial port.

This prevents ground loop problems and provides protection for the attached equipment. It removes the need for the 431USB Serial device.

  • Integration of EP3 Connectors.

As these are a locking connector they provide a more secure and easier to maintain network connection.

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